How Can I Help?

Capuchin friars have devoted their lives to reach out to the poor, the hurting, and the lost. Wherever there is a need, we want to be there. Perhaps your life has been touched by our love. We do our best to care for those in need, and we do so in humility, knowing that all we do is only possible through God’s grace.

Over the years, many of our friends have remarked that they wish they could do more to support us. What if it were possible to make a gift of “startling significance,” the kind of contribution many friends of the Capuchin friars would like to make, if there were just some way to do it? Strange as it may sound, a gift of “startling significance” often can be made at very low cost. It’s just a matter of planning WHAT to give, HOW to give and WHEN to give.

The information on these pages illustrates the many possibilities of making a “Planned Gift.” Our staff would be pleased to assist you as you consider your options. Individuals who make planned gift commitments to the Capuchin friars become perpetual members of the Capuchin Heritage Circle. Don’t hesitate to contact Carol Arbuckle in our planned giving office should you have any questions. She will be glad to help you

Fr. John Pfannenstiel, OFM Cap.
Capuchin Franciscan Friars
220 37th Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Carol Arbuckle
Planned Giving Coordinator
(412) 682-1300 x114
(800) 224-0330



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